I copped this San Francisco Warriors sweater from Thrifttown for only $4. I am not a basketball fan, but ALL of my friends are Warriors fans, so I knew I had to get this. It is to my belief that this sweater is vintage because in 1970 (I believe), they changed the name from San Francisco Warriors to what it is now, the Golden State Warriors. It was a size large, and the thing with vintage sweaters is that they tend to be very loose around the waist. Sweaters nowadays are usually cinched at the waist. All I had to do was take out my handy-dandy sewing machine, sew it smaller, and now it fits like a dream. The colors on this sweater are amazing, and is something I plan on keeping in my wardrobe.

I bought this Yves Saint Laurent Polo at Thrifftown for $5. I really like Thrifttown ‘cause that’s as expensive as it would get for something with a brand name. Every time I go to Thrifttown, I have to check the vintage section first. The retro preppy look is my favorite personal style so I’m always looking for clothes that give that vibe. I immediately digged the colors and the stripes, and the fact that it was YSL made it necessary to buy. It fits well too! (and sorry for the wrinkles, I just pulled it out from the dryer). 

I bought this Ralph Lauren messenger bag last week at Thrifttown. Bags are a favorite accessory ‘cause it’s functional as well as stylish (depending on what kind of bag it is). It was $4. To be honest, I’ve been trying to find a Ralph Lauren book bag for awhile now, and I was glad to have found it. I love that it’s neutral and that it works well with a lot of my fall outfits. I think it’s missing its front buckle, but for $4, I couldn’t pass it up!

I’m not much of a trend follower, so I really have no right to say what’s in for this season of Autumn; I can, however, tell you what I’m diggin’ for the season. Aside from my neutrals (I have a whole rack of brown clothing that I was going to photograph, but realized it would photograph bland), I’m really feeling Navy and Forest Green. I would consider my style to be preppy, so I’m really looking for items such as Ralph Lauren button-ups and sweaters. I’m slightly transitioning from prints to patterns such as plaid and stripes (solids are cool too). So basically what I have here is a Ralph Lauren plaid button-up from Ecothrift which was $7.50, and a Charter Club sweater from Goodwill which was $9.00 (expensive, I know). I picked these two ‘cause the colors really play off each other even though I kind of muted the colors… regardless, for the fall season, I’m really trying to give off a preppy vibe with simple layering. I’ll try to pair the button-up with a neutral colored sweater, and the striped sweater with a neutral undershirt.

oh yeah, sorry the shirt is wrinkled haha.

Hey guys, I know it’s been a few months since I’ve last updated, so hopefully I start to get on this more. Here I have this AF&CO vintage styled sweatshirt. I got this a few weeks ago at Thrifttown for only $1. Once I saw this, I knew I had to get it. I love everything from the color, the material, to the varsity stripes and number. Totally my taste. I especially love the material of the numbers. I’m not sure what it is, maybe like a fuzzy cotton. This sweatshirt would look great over a long sleeve button-up, khaki pants, and some neutral colored dress shoes.

This is an Unknown Branded Jacket haha. I got it from Thrifttown. It was originally $6, but it was 50% off haha. What drew me into the jacket was the elastic fit above the waist, or however you describe it as. This gives the jacket shape when wearing. It’s more of a snow jacket so I’d wear it when it’s really dumbass cold. Fits well, it’s warm, and I like the colors.

This is a Charter Club Jacket that I got from Ecothrift. It was originally $7, but it was 50%. I was honestly debating whether or not to buy it, but for $3.50, why not. What interested me was the quilted pattern which I’ve been longing to find on an article of clothing. It’s pretty warm, and it fits well.

This is a J. Crew Rain Jacket. This is the second of four jackets that I bought. This was only $4 and I bought it at Thrifttown in Fremont. Great find because I think J. Crew is usually expensive. Like I said, I’m in need to rain jackets and I absolutely love this jacket. I like that it’s a navy color, I love the abundant amount of pockets inside and out, and I like the quality of materials. I like the jackets that have that pully string thing that makes the jacket more fit. 

This is a London Fog Rain Jacket. I bought this jacket at Ecothrift, and it was rather expensive. It was $15. For a rain jacket though, I love it. I was going to spend over $100 on a jacket at American Apparel, so I thought this was great. I’ve been meaning to find some rain jackets since it’s been getting cold. I really love this jacket: the fit, the color, and the materials. It is very well made, and I’m not sure what the brand is, but I like it overall. Def worth my $15.  

This is an Invicta Messenger Bag which I bought about half a year ago. I bought it for $28 (a little expensive for a thrift find) from Black & Brown. To me, Black & Brown is more high end because they are more selective with what they take in meaning nicer, but more expensive, goods. Anyways, the reason why I bought this bag is because of the color and the gold accents (I love gold accents). I love the lock as well (which I had to try out about 700 different combinations to open it). Never heard of the brand, but it’s very sturdy and I love the materials used.